Living Simply

Minimalism vs. Consumerism and your mental health

You hit up the online stores and fill your tabs with new items you’re absolutely in *love* with. You stand in line at the mall for hours to buy the newest Apple release. You are surrounded by all these pretty new objects yet somehow you’re back online and in line next week for the next thing that’s gonna “woo” you. Maybe it has never been brought to your attention before, but this is no way to live. This is, in essence, discontentment.

Possibly one of my favorite topics to discuss with anyone is minimalism. In our day and age, we want fast, cheap and trendy. Minimalism goes against the grain and says “I have enough.” An idea that doesn’t reflect what the world of materialism shouts at us daily.

According to, America’s poor lives better than everyone else in the rest of the world. “The bottom 10% in the US have, by this measure at least, better lives than the top 10% in Russia. And the top 10% in Portugal and Mexico.”

The top 10% of the population have less than the bottom 10% in the US.

What does that say about our culture?

Our consumerism culture is saying “you need more.” The constant push for more toll on us to the point where we are just full of the idea that more means better– when the rest of the world is well off with 90% less than us.

Countless studies show that those who have more feel less fulfilled in life. In fact, those who spend their earnings on experiential purchases are shown to be significantly more fulfilled than those who fill their closets with more clothing items and gadgets.

How you can experience fulfillment NOW.

You may be asking yourself, “how does this pertain to me being a twenty-something navigating through the second decade of my life?” I’m glad you asked. Well,

Sadly, a vast majority of mental illnesses can/will emerge in your early twenties, BUT minimalism has been shown to diminish anxiety dramatically.

This week on the blog, I will be discussing a few tried and true ways to practice minimalism in your life. The wonderful thing about minimalism is that it is personal and customizable and you can start right now. Today. Minimalism is a mindset that manifests into your daily life and actions until it becomes a habit.

Say goodbye to anxiety, discontentment, and unhappiness and say hello to a new way to think. Stay tuned.


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