Some Motivation for Your Monday Night

As finals approach, the stress and anxiety of an aspired performance follow close by,

please read this message carefully and understand this:

Your grades do not define you.

You will finish taking exams.

You will graduate.

You will finish this semester, no matter how easy or difficult it may have been.

Life will go on.

Your to-do list is important, but so are you.

Remember that.


Sometimes we don’t need the frilly words or inspiring photos to get by, we just need the truth. So, if you were looking for a sign: here it is.

Surviving College

Healthy(ish) Fast-Food: Veganized Taco Bell

As I have explored a more simplistic and minimalistic lifestyle, I have put more thought not only into what I allow into my mind and my physical space, but I have been more thoughtful about the quality of food I put into my body.

Veganism is a topic that floats around quite often in the minimalism community, and I have done a good deal of research myself on the issue and I think it is something worth checking out.

Before I go on, I must preface this post by saying that I am not a vegan, however, I try to eat a limited amount of meat and dairy as I have realized I feel more energized and “light” when I avoid those items. This post is also not to say that Taco Bell is “healthy” because of their easy-to-order vegan options, but the fact that I can combine a meat-less, dairy-less food option with affordability makes me well-rounded happy college kid.

Let’s continue…

If you’re like me and you are interested in taking care of your health and your bank account, I highly suggest checking out Taco Bell’s certified vegetarian menu. With a few tweaks, your cheap and quick meal can be free of animal products! (And pretty good too…)


What to order: Crunchwrap Supreme

What to tweak: Say no to sour cream or cheese and ask for beans instead of beef. You can add to this rice as well!

What to order: Tacos

What to tweak: Replace the beef with beans and remove the cheese. You can add guac and pico de gallo for extra flavor!



What to order: Bean Burrito or Black Bean Burrito

What to tweak: Ask for no cheese and add potatoes and rice!

What to order: Seven Layer Burrito

What to tweak: Order it with so sour cream and cheese, add potatoes and pico de gallo!


What to order: Taco Salad

What to tweak: Replace the beans with beef, ditch the sour cream and cheese, add potatoes, rice, guac and red sauce for a kick!






Hold the sour cream and cheese and give me aaaall of the deliciousness.

Living Simply

7 Practical Ways to Practice Minimalism Every Day

Our day-to-day lives are slammed with a multitude of things vying for our attention. It happens over time as we slowly integrate and adapt to trends, new forms of media, new relationships, more homework, etc.

Take a step back and analyze your mental and physical health. Are you tired? Overwhelmed? Over-stimulated? Do you feel like you are constantly searching for more things to bring you happiness? Do you feel like you never have enough time in the day to get all your tasks done? If you identified with any of these questions, consider taking the time to read through and apply some of these simple tools to your life to guide you into living a more intentional life!

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Encouragement courtesy of my bedroom wall Junior year.


Minimalism is based on the concept that we must get rid of the things that do not add value to our lives. What do you spend most of your time doing? Make a list of 3-6 things you love. If you aren’t doing those things every day, re-evaluate where you place your time.


Where you spend your time impacts the quality of your day. Do you rummage through piles of items to find a pair of shoes or that notebook for class? Have you noticed that your closet is stuffed, but you reach for only a handful of items each week? Give your space a detox as often as you notice things aren’t being used for any benefit, or if they do not spark joy.

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Hot air balloon taking off over Disney Springs.


Notifications on your phone for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, email, text, and the list goes on and on, leave you with a false sense of urgency. Those things can wait. Turn them off.


In order to truly disconnect, we must first connect with ourselves. Taking the time to breathe and examine the state of your mental health is of utmost importance. Consciously breathe and take things slow when you start to feel overwhelmed. Nothing is more important than your well-being.


When we write, we are connected even more to the inner workings of our mind. Free-writing is simple yet helpful in clearing out the cobwebs and making space for only fruitful thoughts. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and let yourself loose.


We should all aspire to be life-long learners, but too much information at our fingertips dilutes what is actually meaningful to our lives. Pick a few favorite sources to subscribe to and say goodbye to the rest. You don’t need to know or have it all.


They weren’t kidding when they said Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that truly can apply to the standards you hold yourself to. Relax. You are a beautiful creation capable of so many incredible things. Be mindful of yourself, your space, your possessions, the value of your time and your well-being. But most of all, relax. You are one human in the world of billions. Let go of what isn’t making you a better person and strive every day to do your best.

Tidbit Tuesdays

Tidbit Tuesday

You can do anything, but not everything. You were created to create, to be curious, to try new things, to work hard and see progress in yourself, your talents and your life. Sometimes the enemy of your mind says things like “be better,” “do more,” “that wasn’t good enough.” But you can’t listen to that.

Understand this: when you accept grace, you are loving yourself to the fullest extent.

Unsubscribe to perfection; befriend yourself.