Living Simply, Surviving College


The Christmas season.

The week full of final exams.

The excessive spending.

The exhaustion.

The stress.



I urge you to be mindful this month.

A word that represents an action that is neglected very often in our everyday lives, but a practice we should observe religiously.

Mindfulness is a state of being that halts any further action and observes what is being exerted from your thoughts and body.

You have control over what is flowing in and out of your head, you have the power to object negative thinking and forbid overstimulation.

This post is in no way to encourage you to seek some kind of mystical enlightenment. It is a post, however, to encourage slowing down and being kind to yourself. What you put in your body is what you’ll get out of it, as they say.

Be mindful in this season of your life. Be mindful of your thoughts, actions, the way you treat others and the way you think about yourself.

Surviving College

Healthy(ish) Fast-Food: Veganized Taco Bell

As I have explored a more simplistic and minimalistic lifestyle, I have put more thought not only into what I allow into my mind and my physical space, but I have been more thoughtful about the quality of food I put into my body.

Veganism is a topic that floats around quite often in the minimalism community, and I have done a good deal of research myself on the issue and I think it is something worth checking out.

Before I go on, I must preface this post by saying that I am not a vegan, however, I try to eat a limited amount of meat and dairy as I have realized I feel more energized and “light” when I avoid those items. This post is also not to say that Taco Bell is “healthy” because of their easy-to-order vegan options, but the fact that I can combine a meat-less, dairy-less food option with affordability makes me well-rounded happy college kid.

Let’s continue…

If you’re like me and you are interested in taking care of your health and your bank account, I highly suggest checking out Taco Bell’s certified vegetarian menu. With a few tweaks, your cheap and quick meal can be free of animal products! (And pretty good too…)


What to order: Crunchwrap Supreme

What to tweak: Say no to sour cream or cheese and ask for beans instead of beef. You can add to this rice as well!

What to order: Tacos

What to tweak: Replace the beef with beans and remove the cheese. You can add guac and pico de gallo for extra flavor!



What to order: Bean Burrito or Black Bean Burrito

What to tweak: Ask for no cheese and add potatoes and rice!

What to order: Seven Layer Burrito

What to tweak: Order it with so sour cream and cheese, add potatoes and pico de gallo!


What to order: Taco Salad

What to tweak: Replace the beans with beef, ditch the sour cream and cheese, add potatoes, rice, guac and red sauce for a kick!






Hold the sour cream and cheese and give me aaaall of the deliciousness.